Die Zusammenarbeit mit customweb ist partnerschaftlich und professionell. Unsere Anliegen und Wünsche werden in den Shopmodulen jeweils zuverlässig und sauber umgesetzt. Dank der guten Implementierung unserer Zahlungslösung und der freundlichen und raschen Hilfe bei Fragen begeistern wir unsere gemeinsamen Kunden immer wieder.

Alessandro Di Leta, Marktmanager (PostFinance) (PostFinance)

We are specialised on the implementation and maintenance of professional online sales platforms. In the process, we support you in the choice of the adequate online shop and its integration in already existing structures.

Our main focus lies on an all-embracing conception, an optimal integration in existing systems (connection to ERP systems, integration of payment solutions) and a well-organised maintenance.

Our oldest field of business is the development of individually tailored sales platforms. The implementations are predominantly based on well-known and successful open source shop systems, such as xt:Commerce, Magento, Drupal, osCommerce, etc.
In doing so, we have specialised an all-embracing and professional solutions. These begin with the joint implementation and evaluation and reach to the support and maintenance of your shop during the business operations.


Success in E-commerce is dependent on various different factors. In the era of the web 2.0 there is need for more than just a simple online shop. Between the identification of and the coordination with the relevant stake holders and the purchase there are numerous success factors and control levers:

  • Search engine marketing and optimisation
  • Increase in efficiency due to integration and merchandise information systems
  • Clear check-out procedure with a clean integration of all important payment modes
  • Up-to-date information concerning the availability of goods and the delivery time
  • Confidence inspiring overall impression

These are but some examples of important success factors. Our experience has shown us that a flexible, stable and performative online shop is the most important foundation for a successful business on the Internet.

During the Process

The undisturbed and secure operation of your shop is paramount. We are, therefore, at your disposal at all times.


Projects are not finished with their completion. A sustainable customer support with customweb is more than just the mere implementation and operation. We offer you our knowledge and support also after the finalisation. If problems arise during the operation, we guarantee a targeted and efficient support in next to no time. We provide various possibilities of a long-term cooperation and strive to coordinate the services precisely to your needs.


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