Die Arbeit von customweb ist absolut Top. Das Shopmodul wurde perfekt eingebunden und genau nach meinen Wünschen umgesetzt. Die Kommunikation war hervorragend, ich bin wirklich begeistert wie schnell alles zu meiner Zufriedenheit erledigt wurde.

Markus Wermelinger, Geschäftsführer (iPhonehilfe.ch)


Since February 2008, customweb Ltd. is officially listed in the commercial register of the canton of Zurich. The venture had already begun in 2005, when two high school students started designing webpages. They quickly realized that e-commerce had great potential and continued their work with great enthusiasm and professionalism.

Their business activities in e-commerce began when the said market was still in its infancy. By now, customweb Ltd. has become one of the nation's biggest providers of OpenSource e-commerce solutions and was recently able to strengthen its position through a strategic partnership with PostFinance, as their official integration and development partner for the e-finance gateway.

Furthermore, customweb Ltd. has been active in the consulting business for quite a while now and is targeted towards the success enhancement of already thriving shops. Due to the managements' and the employees' experience in the e-market and the experience of their clients, the company aims to prosper with new ideas and achievements.

Today, the company is led by two students, one of them studies business informatics at the University of Zurich and the other law & economics at the University of St. Gallen. Together with other students and freelancers, customweb Ltd. has grown to become an ideal partner for many e-commerce clients in Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

It would be our great pleasure to count you among our clients.


customweb Ltd