The fast, efficient and helpful Customweb team solved our problems in a short time. As a new Magento user, we got stuck in the middle when adding the payments module and badly needed help to solve our problems. We highly recommend this company and will turn to them again in the future.

Thomas Meinl, Geschäftsführer (Meinl Kaffee)

customweb – the name speaks for itself. The customer and his or her needs are our first priority. Let us find the most suitable sales solution for your idea. Find out what customweb stands for.

Our mission is an all-embracing implementation of professional and integrated sales solutions on the Internet, which wholly satisfy our customers' individual needs.

In terms of corporate understanding, we direct our business activities towards our customers needs and, at the same time, wish to assume our corporate responsibilities. It is for this reason that we concern ourselves with the requests and expectancies of our target group and strive to include these into our values and decisions.

Our corporate understanding and our strategy are based on the New St. Galler Management Model:


Our customers

Our customers are at the centre of attention. We, therefore, endeavor to win their trust, and maintain it by living up to our ethic values and by creating the required surplus value for their business ideas.

Our co-workers

The competence and commitment of our co-workers is essential to offering our clients first-class solutions. Customweb Ltd. is not structured hierarchically. An organizational chart can, therefore, not be found on our homepage.


Our success rises and falls with the competences of our co-workers, the well-directed use of our resources, as well as the care of our customer relations. Furthermore, we lay great importance on the health and prosperity of the community in which we are embedded. For this reason, we have committed ourselves to our ethical values and direct our activities towards them.

Our partners

Our partners and suppliers are an important pillar of our success. We cultivate an intensive exchange in order to recognize and implement trends and implied needs of our customers as fast as possible.

Business competition

We actively participate in discussions on „Corporate Responsibility“ and related subjects, as well as contribute to the developments in the field of online trade. We, hereby, cultivate a good exchange with the community.

Central values

Our activities and the contact with our stake holders are orientated towards central values. These values describe the basic principles of our trade and of our exchange with our target groups:

  • Our customer relations are founded on trust. We commit to the highest standard of informational security, in order to assure the confidentiality of our customers
  • Fair commerce and fair competition: We achieve our competitive advantage by extra-ordinary accomplishments and not through unfair business practices
  • Ethic behavior: We base our business activities and our decisions upon ethical values
  • We aim to contribute to the social and ecological prosperity of our community
  • We avoid conflicting interests
  • We adhere to equal opportunities and non-discrimination
  • An ecological awareness in the handling of natural resources is paramount
  • We abide by the law

We adhere to these standards in our daily work as well as in the commerce with our stake holders under every circumstance.


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