The fast, efficient and helpful Customweb team solved our problems in a short time. As a new Magento user, we got stuck in the middle when adding the payments module and badly needed help to solve our problems. We highly recommend this company and will turn to them again in the future.

Thomas Meinl, Geschäftsführer (Meinl Kaffee)

Thu, 03/12/2015

Second Place for customweb Ltd in the category „relative position increase“

Winterthur, 12. March 2015

The Stellenschafferpreis from the region Winterthur was awarded fort he 11th time. It awards companies around Winterthur, which created the most positions in the region. All oft the companies together created around 180 new jobs during the last year.

We are glad to be on the winners’ podium once again. After the first place, which we won last year, customweb won this year the second place in the category „relative position increase“ with 72.73% position increase. In absolute numbers: The positions increased from 5.5 to 9.5 positions during 2014.


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