Die customweb GmbH hatte die Implementation der PostFinance Schnittstelle schnell, unkompliziert und dazu noch preiswert in unserem Onlineshop www.luftentfeuchter-shop.ch, integriert. Dies erlaubte es uns auf unser Kerngeschäft zu konzentrieren. Erstaunlich war auch, dass unser Shop während der Implementation immer online war und uns dadurch keine Umsätze entgingen. Wenn es um E-Payment Integration geht, so kann ich customweb bestens empfehlen.

Robert Aeschbacher, Geschäftsführer (luftentfeuchter-Shop.ch)

Fri, 05/24/2013

Saferpay PrestaShop Payment Module in version 2.x is a complete revision of the original and introduces several novelties. Compared to the modules available for PrestaShop to this day one can convincingly say that it is the most technically mature and extensive payment module for PrestaShop.


The Release brings with it not only updates in the area of payment processing methods but also in the area of transaction management

Hidden Authorisation

In combination with a Saferpay Business License you can now fully profit from the authorisation via Hidden Authorisation (Saferpay Authorisation Interface). In comparison to the Payement Page the Hidden Authorisation offers the pivotal advantage that the customer is no longer directed away from your shop for the payment. the entire payment process occurs in the background between PrestaShop and Saferpay. Special attention is given to the fact that the process remains fully compliant with the PCI-norms.

Alias Manager

A further update is the integration of the Alias Manager (Secure Card Data). With this feature customers can save their credit card under an alias during their first purchase. They thereby no longer have to enter the relevant data during each checkout. This feature is in particular interesting for customers ordering regularly in your shop as it simplifies the payment process to a great extent. Due to the data being stored with Saferpay, which the PCI-compliancy is guaranteed.

Transaction Management:

Besides the extensive Adjustments made in regards to authorisation methods, much time was also invested in the transaction management. The payment processing now is carried out directly from the administration interface of your shop. The following possibilities are at your disposal:

  • Capturing: Authorised but not yet captured payments can be captured via the PrestaShop admin and debited from the customer
  • Cancellation: Authorised payments can be cancelled with a simple click. You can cancel partial amounts or the entire authorised sum
  • Refund: Refunds can be carried out from the shop-system. The module is fully integrated into the refund-process introduced in PrestaShop 1.5. Partial refunds as well as entire refunds are both possible

We have created a screencast with the most important novelties:


See the changes for yourself! We have set up a demo-environment of the administration and shop interface for you to be convinced.


As it is a complete revision of the PrestaShop module, it only works from PrestaShop 1.5. onwards. Customers still in a running contract period can download the module for free in their customer account and install it in their shop. Please make sure you deactivate (don't uninstall!) the old module before saving the new files onto your server.


For new customers the module can be purchased in our shop for 200.- CHF (excl. MwSt.):

PrestaShop Saferpay Kreditkartenmodul


For questions concerning the module, the installation or other issues contact us .


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