Die Arbeit von customweb ist absolut Top. Das Shopmodul wurde perfekt eingebunden und genau nach meinen Wünschen umgesetzt. Die Kommunikation war hervorragend, ich bin wirklich begeistert wie schnell alles zu meiner Zufriedenheit erledigt wurde.

Markus Wermelinger, Geschäftsführer (iPhonehilfe.ch)

Customised consulting, customised solutions – customweb. We offer you all the services concerning the operating of a sales platform on the Internet – all from one source – Swiss made

Custom-made solutions

We are specialised on the implementation and integration of complex and professional shops into existing solutions. Due to our long lasting experience, we are able to offer this service efficiently and flexibly. We develop your individual sales solution starting from the conceptual design to the installation on your server environment as well as the subsequent maintenance.

Our clients

Our customers place emphasis on efficient and most advanced solutions. This is where we distinguish ourselves from common mass solutions. If your idea needs a professional sales solution, we are your partner.

We rely on OpenSource

We are convinced that OpenSource web applications (online shops and specially CMS) have an immense advantage over proprietary solutions. The progress in the field of web applications is rapid and highly dynamic. Most developing companies of proprietary software do not have the potential of competing against such a vivid and flexible developer community.

Furthermore, OpenSource solutions can be adapted to your needs as the source code is open. We are confident that an open solution is the best solution for a long-term foundation


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