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Selling training courses or seminars poses a big problem to many of the conventional shop systems, as they are mostly targeted towards the distribution of physical goods. Those shops which are, however, capable of selling events, often encounter various unnecessary restrictions. We would like to show you that it can be different.


  • Being a service company, you would like to be able to offer training courses or seminars. However, for this you need a software for the administration of the registrations.
  • You would like to give your clients the possibility of registering several people at once. Furthermore, you would like to offer your clients advanced options without an extra charge.

Events differ from physical products in various aspects. For one thing, they take place at a specific date and, for another thing, they are subject to restrictions such as a limited number of participants. Furthermore, immaterial goods are characterised by their qualities, such as their storage needs, their space constraints and their warehousing.

A further problematic for the most systems arises when one person wants to register several people for an event, without having to place an order for each individual. The majority of the systems can not offer this option. The following article will show you how this problem can be solved:



Our event configuration enables you to sell events parallel to your online shop for physical goods. If you wish to do so, this option can be integrated and adopted into already existing community solutions. In this case, you merely add the date, venue, number of participants, etc. to the features of your product. It is furthermore possible to define an extra charge for the various options.

As mentioned before, it is possible that one person registers several people at once for an event. In this case, you can contact the enrolled participants directly via e-mail and send them the course documents.


  • Clear presentation for the client, integrated into a fully expandable CMS
  • Easy management of customer relations and contacting
  • Complete flexibility with the configuration of product features (date, venue, number of participants, etc)
  • Recording and expandability of physical goods
  • Big choice of credit card linkings as, for example, to PostFinance

The selling of immaterial goods poses a problem to many shop systems as the have been developed entirely for the distribution of physical goods. Furthermore, most of the shop systems are not at all modular and expandable.

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