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Here you find some information about credit cards, about cContent management systems and about shop systems.

Payment Solutions – Payment Gateway

The choice of the right payment mode is strongly influenced by your target audience. We offer you, for all established online shops, a secure connection to all the common Swiss Payment Service Providers and a gateway for the outsourcing of the invoicing.

The most comment methods of payment in e-commerce are invoice, credit card and prepayment. These payment methods are available in various formats.

Prepayment, Cash on Delivery, Direct Debiting

Though one might speak of "old payment methods", it is these payment procedures which are still most common in online trading and are popular mainly due to the familiarity and the alleged safety.

However, the above mentioned payment modes distinguish themselves through the so called media discontinuity. This means that a discontinuity arises between the digital and manual processing which, in many cases, can not me automated. Specially in the field of mass production, these payment methods are, therefore, not suitable.


The invoice is the oldest, most widespread and most accepted payment mode on the Internet. Among other, this is due to the transfer of risk and of payment.

The payment via invoice is comfortable and safe for the customer, as it must only be paid once the goods have been delivered and checked. Furthermore, it is up to the customer to decide upon the moment of payment. However, high bank charges may arise with payments abroad.

Credit Card Gateway

One of the advantages of electronic payment is the efficient and comparatively simple procedure of the transaction. For the seller, in particular, the administrative effort of the invoicing and possible reminding is reduced.

Below we will discuss the payment procedure via a Payment Service Provider (PSP). Micropayment systems (such as PayPal or will not be included. These must be covered in a different step due to their different functionality and application.