Die Arbeit von customweb ist absolut Top. Das Shopmodul wurde perfekt eingebunden und genau nach meinen Wünschen umgesetzt. Die Kommunikation war hervorragend, ich bin wirklich begeistert wie schnell alles zu meiner Zufriedenheit erledigt wurde.

Markus Wermelinger, Geschäftsführer (iPhonehilfe.ch)

E-Payment-Solutions by Sage Pay Pay Off

Sage Pay makes it really easy to accept all common national and international Payment methods in a webshop.

With more than 40.000 customers, Sage Pay belongs to the leading European Payment Service Providers. The shop merchants gain access to a state of payment gateway based on the newest technological standards and transactions worth several billions of euros are processed every year.

Sage Pay also helps its customers to find the matching selection of payment methods and ensures a smooth checkout process. And as Sage Pay does not have any closing hours, the Sage Pay payment experts are available 24/7!

Some of Sage Pay's Services:

  • Fast payment processing via Internet, phone or e-mail
  • Uncomplicated brokering of a merchant account for the acceptance of online payments
  • No installation and integration fees for the payment gateway
  • Options for the individual design of the payment pages
  • No extra costs for fraud prevention tools
  • Expert team at disposal 24 hours daily
  • User-friendly online-reporting with no extra fees
  • Authorisation of more than 100 currencies


Information on Sag Pay customers as well as their testimonials can be found here:

Find out more about Sage Pay under: http://www.sagepay.com
Latest nes and service advice under: http://www.sagepay.com/news-events


Sage Pay, Partner