Wir haben die customweb in der Entwicklungsphase unseres Shops sowie auch im späteren Betrieb als äusserst kompetenten, flexiblen, verlässlichen und kundenorientierten Partner erfahren.

Norber Gmür, Geschäftsführer (Kirin Medical)

The choice of the right payment mode is strongly influenced by your target audience. We offer you, for all established online shops, a secure connection to all the common Swiss Payment Service Providers and a gateway for the outsourcing of the invoicing.

The most comment methods of payment in e-commerce are invoice, credit card and prepayment. These payment methods are available in various formats.

Credit card Gateway

In order to be able to accept credit card payments in your online shop you require a connection to a Payment Service Provider (PSP). These PSPs are acceptance institutions which, on their part, are connected to the big credit institutions and have successfully fulfilled the PCI-certification.


Our modules provide the communication between the online shop and the PSP. You can find modules for all established shop systems in our online shop.

You can get the necessary contract forms for a credit card connection directly at the post office or order them here .

Debtor Mangagement

A debtor management serves as a wise addition to the conventional invoicing practice or payment by credit card. With the debtor management of curabill you can outsource the entire cashing to a professional. You can decide in what rhythm the payments to your personal account should occur.

The curabill module is currently available for various shop systems in our online shop .

Do you need an individual integration

Due to the close cooperation with our partners we precisely know the functionalities and the scope of function of the various solutions. If you are in need of a payment solution for an other venture or for other shop systems, then we are the right contact.

Further information

Under knowledge you can find objective information about the different Payment Service Providers (PSP) as well as the credit card acquirers. In order to be able to accept payments by these institutions, you require a gateway between your shop and the PSP's system. You can find all the necessary information about these gateways in our online shop.


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