Unsere regelmässige Zusammenarbeit mit customweb verläuft stehts zufriedenstellend. Wir schätzen vor allem die pragmatischen und innovativen Lösungsansätze und Vorschläge, sowie deren zuverlässige Umsetzung.

Jochen Weigel, Geschäftsführer (Kingworx GmbH)

Thu, 06/27/2013

customweb has just published its newest version of the Magento Barclaycard payment module. We have invested much time in the redevelopment of the extension.

Most Important Changes

Here is an overview over the most interesting novelties. They will be explained in more detail further below.

  • The Hidden Authorisation (Alias Gateway) allows for the processing of payments directly in your shop. The payment page is embedded neatly in your shop without any redirection to an external Payment Page and, therefore, without necessary PCI-Certification.
  • Alias Manager Support - Payment information can be saved safely and clever and, above all, completely PCI-compliant.
  • Fully mobile-compatible
  • Multi-shop capability - You can operate several shops with just one PSPID.
  • With the transaction manager payments can be captured, cancelled or refunded directly from the shop-backend. You no longer have to log into your Barclaycard account.
  • Profit from our free of charge support by phone or mail. No hidden integration costs.
  • We guarantee the functionality of the module - otherwise you will be refunded.
  • The purchased license has no time-limit: no further costs arise from our part.

Hidden Authorisation

Besides the well-known Payment Page, in which the customer is redirected to the site of the PSP, this module also supports the Hidden Authorisation. A connection is created between the merchant shop and the PSP which enables the processing of payments directly within the shop. The payment process is therefore seamlessly integrated into your shop. The entire is fully PCI-compliant and therefore fully ensured for your clients.

Hidden Authorisation

Alias Manager

The Alias Manager was built in for the Hidden Authorisation. The Alias Manager (Token-System) is a safe and clever way of calling retrieve processed card data without actually saving them. The customer can therefore access already used credit card data for repeating purchases. The storage occurs directly with the Payment Service Provider which ensures the PCI-compliancy of the Alias Manager.

Alias Manager

Transaction Management:

We have also invested much time in the user-experience of transaction management. From now on all relevant information concerning transactions can be viewed immediately within the order. You can find information on previous transactions as well as a history of carried out refunds or captures. In the transaction tab you can edit transactions for further processing steps. The payment processing happens directly within the administration interface of the shop. You have the following possibilities:

  • Capturing: Authorised but not yet captured payments can be captured via the WooCommerce admin and debited from the customer
  • Cancellation: Authorised payments can be cancelled with a simple click. You can cancel partial amounts or the entire authorised amount
  • Refund: Refunds can be carried out from the shop-system. The module is fully integrated into the refund-process introduced in WooCommerce 1.5. Partial refunds as well as entire refunds are both possible

Transaction Management


See the changes for yourself! We have set up a demo-environment of the administration and shop interface for you to be convinced.

  • Frontend
  • Backend
  • User: demo@customweb.ch
  • Password: test1234
  • Purchase

    For new customers the module can be purchased in our shop for 200.- CHF (excl. VAT) under


    In case of questions concerning the module, the installation or other, please contact us.


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