Die Zusammenarbeit mit customweb ist partnerschaftlich und professionell. Unsere Anliegen und Wünsche werden in den Shopmodulen jeweils zuverlässig und sauber umgesetzt. Dank der guten Implementierung unserer Zahlungslösung und der freundlichen und raschen Hilfe bei Fragen begeistern wir unsere gemeinsamen Kunden immer wieder.

Alessandro Di Leta, Marktmanager (PostFinance) (PostFinance)

Tuesday, 04. June 2013
The partnership between customweb and Sage Pay has resulted in its first module: PrestaShop for Sage Pay. It convinces with numerous novelties bringing several advantages for merchants and customers alike.
Tuesday, 28. May 2013
Customweb just published the latest PrestaShop Payment Module version 2.x. which convinces with numerous novelties bringing several advantages for merchants and customers alike.
Friday, 24. May 2013
Saferpay PrestaShop Payment Module in version 2.x is a complete revision of the original and introduces several novelties.
Tuesday, 23. April 2013
There can be several reasons for choosing multishop setups; be it that you wish to offer country specific shops, have different customer groups or are operating white label shops.
Wednesday, 17. April 2013
Xt:Commerce 4 is the next advancement of the xt:Commerce project. In comparison to the previous development line, 4 is a complete new development and no longer stands under GPL. Our modules are compatible with version 4 as well as with version 4.1.
Tuesday, 12. March 2013
WooThemes has released its newest version of the WordPress shop-system WooCommerce. Simultaneous with the release we have made sure that our modules are fully compatible with the new version and support all integrated features.
Tuesday, 05. March 2013
The Shopware 4 Saferpay Payment Extensions is finally available in our store
Friday, 25. January 2013
We added addtional the alias manager option to several of our modules.
Friday, 18. January 2013
First of all, customweb's payment extensions are developped for the new product "Barclaycard ePDQ". Barclaycard ePDQ is the product of Barclay's that allows you to accept payments online or over the phone.


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